Skills for Life

About Us

Skills for Life is a bespoke, personal and social development package for young adults with disabilities aged 18 and over to continue working towards greater independence and interdependence.

Using the Community Enterprise Centre (CEC) as its base, UET delivers personally tailored opportunities for young adults who require continued support to engage with their local community and peers, reducing social isolation and
individual dependence.

How To Apply

Everyone is welcome to join the Skills for Life programme. 

A 47 week programme costs from £40 per day to include medical assistance.We can develop bespoke offers for young people with more complex needs. Please contact us to apply.

Skills for Ever

Making Choices We help young adults to understand that there are options available and how to make informed decisions on present and future situations.

We also create opportunities and choices to develop and create lifelong skills. Developing Independence We develop independence from personal health and safety, using public transport to
essential home skills like cooking and cleaning, while providing a sense of belonging and security within social
environments and ensure continued well-being through physical activity.

Working Together

By providing task based collaboration, we help our placements to engage with those outside of the peer group and within the community.

We support young adults to rehearse and establish friendships and relationships and offer support to families during transitional period to adults services.

Contact Us

Lisa Harding: Director of Operations
Mobile Number | 07712 513557