Uplands Educational Trust

Helping young people with special educational needs to help themselves

Welcome to Community Enterprise Centre (CEC) 

Hello and welcome to the Community Enterprise Centre,  where we offer leisure activities, Skills for Life, Independent living links and bespoke support services.

The CEC is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 16:00 throughout the whole year, and provides Skills for Life, a day provision for young adults 18-30 years of age. We provide young adults with the opportunity to put the skills and knowledge they have learnt within education into practise, in a flexible way to suit the needs of every individual.

The CEC is also home to UET's leisure clubs, offering holiday clubs for individuals 18 – 30, as well as a Saturday Youth Club for people 11 – 19 years of age with a learning disability. We offer bespoke support packages for young people who would like to go out and about or to take part in clubs & activities. Plus bespoke life-skills packages on an individual basis, tailored to help people with independence, whatever their needs.

You don't have to attend/or attended Uplands School, or Horizons College to access our services, we welcome everyone from the Swindon and surrounding areas.

Contact Us
Lisa Harding: Director of Operations
Telephone No. 07712 513557