Uplands Educational Trust

Helping young people with special educational needs to help themselves

UET Trustees Report

Welcome to this year’s UET Trustees Report and what a busy year of growth and expansion it’s been, helping our young people to help themselves.

It hardly seem possible that during last year we reached our  5th anniversary. Our Trust was originally set up in 2012 in order to lease the Redhouse shop and give our young people work and enterprise experience. I think everyone involved in UET can look back over the past 5 years and rightly be proud and take great credit for what we have all achieved.  Our Trust has gone from strength to strength under Jackie’s leadership and every day we all make a positive difference to the lives of our UET families, friends and students.

This year has seen significantly improvements in all  three areas of UET activities: Learning; Working & Living.

Our learning college, Horizons, has enabled our young people to succeed academically, gain skills for life and experience the world of enterprise activities. Fun has been had by all on residential trips, learning the skills of the fire service and even with opportunities to learn from Michelin star chefs

Our wonderful working team have exceeded sales targets, generated a real buzz & presence in their local communities and even returned to the “Good Life” with produce and products to sell from our fantastic farm. Our young people continue to learn new skills and have new experiences thanks to everybody’s efforts. I for one really enjoyed the “Fun on the Farm day” in the summer and it was great to see so many of you at this fantastic event, which was brilliantly organised and attended.

A great deal of investment has been made in the living facility at the  CEC location, due to the tireless fundraising of the fabulous  living team. I have also had the pleasure of attending several “come dine with me” evenings at our great CEC location, laid on by volunteers from local companies and on one occasion by the trustees themselves.

 Looking to the future , as trustees we are planning to strengthen and improve the provision and opportunities for all our people & community. The  UET Trustees board have agreed to strengthen the  Horizon College by transferring, in its entirety and all its operations  to our sister organisation the Brunel SEN MAT. The purpose of this transfer is  to provide the long term future, security and strategy  that Horizon requires. For the rest of the trust we have agreed to rename UET service areas  - living and working as Uplands Enterprise Trust. These are significant developments taken in the long term interest of our young people. If you want to know more please ask you heads of departments or line managers how you can get involved and help make a difference.

Finally I just want to sign off by thanking each and every one of you for all you hard work and commitment, it really makes a difference to our young people. We couldn’t achieve what we achieve without each and every one of you!

Derek Dinsey
UET Chair of Trustee and Company Secretary