Uplands Educational Trust

Helping young people with special educational needs to help themselves


We would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with fundraising for all the provisions of the Uplands Educational Trust - we couldn't have done it without you so thank you!

Below is a list of the donations and grants which have been received but we would also like to thank those volunteers who have helped with painting, gardening, laying patios, building sheds and so much more.

We would also like to thank everyone who has supported our charity events and activities, assisting to raise vital funds to support the work of UET.

Grant Amount Commitment
Wiltshire Community Foundation  £                4,690.42 CEC Enterprise Room
Santander  £                4,932.00 CEC Kitchen Equipment
Awards for All  £                9,982.21 CEC Café
Bailey Thomas  £                4,000.00 Creation of the CEC
Sobell  £                5,000.00 CEC Print Room
Beatrice Laign  £                5,000.00 Creation of the CEC
Gooch Lodge  £                   250.00 Holiday Clubs
Bernard Sunley  £                2,500.00 CEC Accessible Changing
Stratton Parish Council  £                2,136.00 UET College
Jack Lane  £                1,000.00 Holiday and Leisure Clubs
Sylvia Waddilove Foundation  £                3,500.00 Farm - Disabled access
Freemason £500  £                   500.00 Skills for Life
Rotary Grant  £                1,500.00 Sensory Room
Garfield Weston Foundation  £              10,000.00 Sensory Room
DM Thomas  £              13,998.80 CEC Prep Kitchen
Zurich  £                   500.00 UET College
Aldeheim Lodge  £                   200.00 CEC Skills for Life
Nationwide  £                   222.00 CEC
Asda  £                   50.00 Saturday Youth Club
GW Hotel  £                   4565.00 UET College Kitchen
Vodafone  £                   435.00 UET College Kitchen
Come Dine with Us (Bible Society)  £                   125.00 CEC
Come Dine with Us (Nationwide)  £                   130.00 CEC